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How you can teach yourself complex movement in golf quickly and easily with no technical knowledge
Teaching yourself movements in golf quickly and easily is possible, and I mean now. You could swing, putt, chip, pitch within minutes of using my system. I use this system with every swing change or swing build session I conduct, from beginner to Tour professional. It is unique and I am about to let you into secrets for which some people pay me thousands of pounds.

The process will work better in its later stages when you have a great coach giving you accurate feedback in a form that motivates you. Curious?

The first part has some degree of logistical difficulty because you need to see or imagine the movement you wish to make on film or video. At first the movement need only be seen from one camera angle (one dimensionally). Where possible put this image 'on loop' so you can watch the movement again and again. Now the fun begins. You need to keep looking at the movement in close detail, noticing how every involved part of the body moves and how it works with all the other moving parts. You will need to operate your own scanning process, working up and down the body, club shaft and club head. You will need to spend at least 15 minutes watching the movement until you can see it vividly in your mind.

Now turn the image of the person making the movement into you. Here is where we get really creative. As you look at this one perspective I want you to shift this image into a clear plastic globe, like the ones in which hamsters play. Now using your imagination see yourself making the movement from every conceivable viewpoint. From underneath, on top, behind, and any and every other angle until you can see this image with your eyes shut.

When you can do this, go behind the image and jump into it. Look through the eyes and feel what you would feel when you move like this. You may find it easier to stay still and just feel the movement without actually moving. You will be surprised how you can feel this new movement without moving.

Time to grab a golf club, shut your eyes and imagine yourself making the movement, Jump into the movement and feel it. Now open your eyes, see your target and make the swing - but without the ball. Where does it not feel like the movement you imagined? Which part of you is not moving as you expected it would? You may not find this easy at first. However, with some practice, you will begin to notice all sorts of feedback of which you were previously unaware.

When finally the movement feels correct, do the same routine. Only hit the ball to the target and once more feedback as to what felt different from the imaginary swing. When you do this every time with conviction and purpose you will soon discover you can swing with the same tempo and skill as Ernie Els. In fact if you want to join me doing this process you can. I will be at the London Golf Show In April, listen out for the instructions on where to find me.

I use this same routine on our training course. I challenge every right-hander that they can make their first left-handed shot go in the air 150-yards with draw to a specific target. I have a 50% success rate.

Now you're saying to yourself 'I have never hit a shot right-handed 150-yards in the air with draw to a specific target.' One of the reasons this process is so successful is because I am working with virgin movements so I have a chance to keep the movement in a pure form. The client has an almost perfect swing before they are allowed to hit their first ball. Cool!

'I will never forget Phil hitting a 5- iron left-handed for the first time and creaming the ball with a nice little draw right to the centre of the target at the 150-yard mark. It was the most remarkable exhibition I have ever seen in golf.'
Graham Harrington.

The example above was done purely with an image Phil had in his head of Nick Faldo's swing and I just asked him to reverse it in his head to a left-handed swing.

Get video footage you can play on loop of someone making the movement perfectly. It is possible to do this with a previous image you have in your head, just follow the same process.

Look at it until you can see the movement in your head with your eyes shut

Now imagine it's you in the picture and see yourself making the movement perfectly from every conceivable angle.

Jump 'into the picture' and feel what it's like.

Pick up the club and make the movement noticing the differences and correct.

When the movement feels perfect, run through the whole routine, open your eyes, spot the target and swing.

Introduce the ball once you feel confident.

Feedback on the differences and run the routine again until you can do it every time. The movement is your desired outcome - not necessarily a good shot. That will follow.

I know this is a lot to take in so feel free to email any questions to or

Have fun.

Peter Hudson is a fully qualified golf coach with a BSc in Sports Psychology. He is a member of the National Coaching Foundation and the European and World Golf Teaching Federations and an associate member of The British Association of Sports and Science. He is also president of the World Golf Teaching Federation of Great Britain. Peter is a fully trained Paul Chek 'Whole In One Golf Conditioning' practitioner.

More information about Peter Hudson's approach to coaching can be found on his websites and Or you can call him for a personal chat on 08700 114 292.

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